Friday, 18 May 2012


I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but I do have to say.....I love this city, it's spectacular.

Our server is so slow, I'll pop more photographs up tomorrow.

Market stalls

Earlier this week we arrived in beziers. After a night there we then travelled further south to Carcassonne. For some strange reason my photo of the most delicious avocado will not load. Believe me it was incredible. I purchaced it on Wednesday morning, popped it into a brown paper bag and we ate it for lunch today. I went in search of bread at lunchtime, as you may well know, most things shut for two hours between midday and two. Luckily some "lads" were very generous and just gave us a crusty baguette for our lunch. I can't remember the last time I got a free lunch. Well almost free.

The vegetable and fruit stalls in Carcassonne.

I do love buying local and in season.


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Monday, 14 May 2012


Arrived in the South of France. It's warm, clear blue skies and just beautiful. Drove from the airport past acres of vineyards, along the Canal du Midi. I shall get some photographs tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Excited......guess where I'm going .

Well, we left Liverpool and arrived in Bristol bringing sunshine with us. We head out in the morning to France....I am so excited. Over the past few months I have been trying to improve my French, which to be frank is embarrassingly appalling but I have tried. I am now going to let my limited vocabulary loose on the locals...this will be fun, I can't wait. Just wondering if I shall starve.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Liverpool, lovely long legs !

                                                   Old and new buildings.


                                                        Albert Dock.


                                                            Love boats.


                                           Spent a couple of hours at the Beatles exhibit.

                                                 Look at my lovely, long legs.


                                            The yellow submarine.

                                          England grows very nice apples.

                                                   Very cloudy so we didn't have a spin on the big wheel.

A few of my favourite things......

         helping himself to Mango leaves.





The colour red. So luscious. Lucy in a red collar, with red roses growing amongst the chillies.

 Beetroot. Slowly roasted with garlic and oregano.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kuala Lumpar, a few days ago.

      These are a few days old. We stopped at Kuala Lumpar for three nights. I loved it here, so vibrant a city. The Petronas Towers were magnificent. I understand that until recently visitors could only view from the 44th floor but now people are allowed up to the 86th (I think) floor. This was not on my list of things to do as I am petrified of heights....they give me  "the willies".


Climbing the 272 steps up to the Batu Caves was more my scene. They are limestone caves about 400 million years old. Home of several Hindu shrines. We saw children being blessed, in a ceremony where their heads were shaved and a water/rice mixture was then smeared on the scalp and then gold upon that.


The entrance to the Dark cave. Home of the largest colony of trapdoor spiders. Fruit bats live here, you can hear them. It was pretty cool. It's a conservation site.

Of course the stall in the market lining the street outside the Batu Caves interested me. Rows of spices and sweet treats. Massive bags of lentils. Yum.
I've just realised that I haven't had avocado for about a week, I love it so much I will not be able to rest until I have found some. Probably unlikely, as I am in an apartment foyer in Liverpool. When I get to France next week I shall scour the markets early in the morning until I have found some.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


So, it's Wednesday. I've been travelling for hours, across different time zones. Sadly I ran out of charge for my camera. In Abu Dhabi there was the most tremendous mosaiced ceiling in one of the lounges, I'd have loved a picture of it. I have travelled a great deal in Europe and other "Westernised" countries but not so much in Asia and the middle east. I must say my little dabble has left me wanting more. The food, people and whole experience was only positive. Once I have some photographs sorted out I'll pop them up, although there won't be many.
So, now a few days in Liverpool. It's cloudy but pleasantly warm. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Kicking the habit.

Until about just over a month ago I was using Facebook, it wasn't very healthy for me for lots of reasons. I have decided to give blogging a go...I have followed a few blogs and have enjoyed most of them. So I'm new to this and just getting going, I've no idea what I'm doing or what I'm going to write about. It will probably be random ramblings that just pop into my head, I'm rather irratic in my writings so, really that's about it.