Saturday, 23 June 2012

Arrived home.

After a lenghty flight home, we arrived back safely. Our dogs and other animals had all been beautifully looked after, we were so pleased to see them and the welcome we got was ecstatic, which was lovely.
I really don't like "airplane food", it smells terrible and makes me feel gross. I ordered the fruit platter which is a better option for the long flights.  I drank lots of water, slept little, watched lots of movies and felt pretty zonked by the time three flights were dealt with.
Just before leaving Bristol, we went as a family to a wonderful little place in Stokes Croft called "Cafe Keno". If you are ever there, it is reasonably priced and the menu is interesting and delicious. I had the salad tasting plate, of three different salads, with hummus and garlic bread. It is a vegan cafe, full of interesting choices and very yummy puddings.I had a slice of raspberry and coconut cake.

Salads I made today.

I felt inspired by my supper there and have been experimenting with salads since arriving home, which indeed I think have helped combat my jetlag. All raw and freshly made.....colourful and crunchy. Carrot, orange and coconut. Beetroot and pear. Tabbouleh.( Clockwise from the top).

Monday, 18 June 2012

Going home.

Today we head off, back home. Very mixed feelings, a little bit sad about going, looking forward to seeing all the animals again. It will be nice to have the kitchen back, all the spices and recipes I like to create using lots of vegetables. Now you will be inundated with posts about food.

Maybe we will get some chookies again, it's always cheerful seeing the chooks pottering and scratching in the garden.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Beautiful day,in Gruissan.

              We spent most of the day spoiling ourselves in the glorious mediterranean sunshine.

We found one of my favourite shops (after a delicious lunch) and indulged in something naughty.

So many choices..........

So I got a strawberry tart.

Kite surfing.

The marina.

The old part of the town, Gruissan.

Energetic locals.

At the boulodrome.

The lagoon.

Afternoon tea. I had coconut icecream, my favourite at the moment.

There were lots of interesting flavours, including one called Bimbo....whatever that is !

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Narbonne Plage.

We arrived at Narbonne Plage yesterday. In the evening we had a stroll along the beach and dipped our toes in the med.

A very interesting menu, that makes me glad I do not partake of meat.

Tonight we walked through the vineyard. There was a beauitful sunset, lots of bird call and the smell of lavender.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


We visited a medieval town high up in the Pyrenees Mountains, it was amazing. I didn't get many photo's as I was busy eating lunch.

It was very well preserved , there was a covered market.


The mill is on a small island, very peaceful.

The water was raging after all the recent rain but has now settled down.

We have been canoeing on the Charente, There is a canoe pass, very much like a water slide, which is great fun to hurtle down.